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#7 The Yogi Banker: Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson, otherwise known as The Yogi Banker is Head of Regulatory Policy at Deutshce Bank.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Is new financial regulation making another crisis more or less likely?
  • How Scott finds purpose in his work
  • Whether he thinks bankers are worth the money
  • How he’s changed since practising yoga
  • How yoga helps in meetings
  • Whether he believes a banker needs to be aggressive
  • The qualities of people who make it the top
  • Why it’s beneficial to be an ethical banker
  • The link between high performance and feeling good
  • Top tips if you’re really stressed at work


#6 Humans in Finance – Zahra Husain and Sarah Laitung

Banker bashing is so last year…

In this episode of The Mindful Banker, I interview Zahra Husain and Sarah Laitung. Zahra and Sarah started their careers in finance, at Merill Lynch and J. P. Morgan respectively. They subsequently began a journey to find out about innovations in the financial services industry, aimed at having a greater social or environmental impact, and met some really interesting people along the way.

They thought others might find these peoples’ stories interesting too. Inspired by the Instagram account Humans of New York, they created Human in Finance, which celebrates the inspirational people in finance who are working to make the world a better place. They share the stories on Instagram of these awesome people and hope to motivate others through them.

They believe people in finance should be able to use their valuable skillset in a way that benefits society and our planet. They want people to be able to proudly say “I work in finance”.

In this episode of The Mindful Banker podcast, we discuss…

– How they found meaning and purpose in finance

– The revolution in impact and sustainable investing

– The feeling of not belonging Society’s unhelpful approach to pain

– The main reason people leave finance

– What they think is the key to being a top performer

– How they practice mindfulness

Calling on the finance industry to help meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals

#5 From investment to banker to Buddhist: Johan de Mulder’s story

As a young man living in Belgium, Johan de Mulder was inspired by investment bankers in London earning their fortunes. He bought a book called ‘How to become an investment banker’ and worked his way into his dream job as an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein.

Johan was very good at his job, often being quoted in the FT and being recognised by colleagues and clients as a high performer. However, he found the reality of daily life rather stressful. His day started at 6am and he wouldn’t be home until 9pm. He called the Nespresso machine on his desk his ‘life support’.

When the company restructured and let him go, he took the opportunity to explore life in a different way, experimenting with teaching, Fintech startups and joined a Buddhist community.

In this interview we explore:

  • How he found his way into investment banking
  • What his lifestyle was like
  • How swimming helped him work less and improve his performance
  • How meditation benefits you at work and as an investor
  • The importance of purpose for performance and drive
  • The sacrifices people make for status and money
  • The epiphany he experienced on a Buddhist retreat
  • His three keys to being a mindful banker

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#4 How to make Partner at KPMG – Mostyn Wilson

Mostyn Wilson is a partner at KPMG where he has worked for 18 years.

KPMG is one of the Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

The firm employs 189,000 people and has three lines of services: financial audit, tax, and advisory.

In this interview he talks about:

  • What it takes to make partner at the firm What he does for his wellbeing
  • What success means to him How he helps his team deal with stress
  • How he creates a work/life balance
  • How he gets things around back-to-back meetings

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#3 Seventeen stone to six-pack – How ex-JP Morgan VP Ronnie Rich transformed his health

Ronnie describes how high pressure, long hours, and a diet based on convenience led to him being overweight and in seriously poor health.

We cover:

  • Why he felt trapped by his money and success.
  • How he won a weight loss competition with a £25/month gym membership, beating millionaires with £1,000/month personal trainers.
  • Why doctors now ask him for advice on for their own weight problems.
  • How you can lose weight by sleeping.
  • How he found purpose and meaning in life.

The dramatic before and after photos of his body shape inspired 100s of people to follow his approach, many of whom had been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully for years.

As well as rapidly losing weight, he’s helped people cure their diabetes, get pregnant after years of trying, find happier relationships and massively increase their confidence.

He has now created a 90 day programme and a company called FITBANKER (http://fitbanker.com) that runs health transformation programmes, leadership summits and outdoor treks.

The company is on a mission to transform a billion lives through education.

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#2 Deloitte’s wellbeing lead on overcoming her mental health challenges

Arti Kashyap-Aynsley is consulting Senior Manager and Head of Wellness at Deloitte Consulting.

In this interview she talks impressively openly about the physical and mental health challenges she has faced, such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. including the difficulty in speaking about them.

She shares the things that have helped her most in her wellbeing journey and what she would recommend to others who are struggling, her life’s mission and the mystery woman on the train who inspired her to meditate.

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#1 Being an authentic CEO – Sacha Romanovitch, CEO Grant Thornton

  • Grant Thornton CEO Sacha Romanovitch tell us:
  • How she avoids back-to-back meetings and being ‘always on’
  • Why it’s not enough to just have more women in leadership roles
  • What she sacrifices in being a CEO – What she enjoys about being a CEO
  • Why she thinks it’s important to ‘kill puppies’
  • Why many leaders feel that they need to wear a mask
  • Her criticism of the ‘alpha male’ model of leadership
  • How she stays focused on her purpose
  • The value of making mistakes

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