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Mindfulness Coaching

Free taster coaching session
Would you like to feel less stressed, and more calm and positive?

Do you want to take you career to the next level?

Have you considered 1-2-1 coaching to help you?

Over the years, I’ve helped people in financial services, lawyers and entrepreneurs to:

  • Get a promotion to Managing Director and a pay rise.
  • Get the best performance review of their career.
  • Make more money from fewer clients, in less time.
  • Feel confident enough to change jobs after feeling stuck for 11 years.
  • Deal with depression, anxiety and divorce in a way that made them stronger.
  • Let go of the anger that was damaging their personal and professional relationships.
  • Be able to sleep after a lifetime of insomnia.
  • Improve the most difficult relationships in their life.

I’m offering a free one-hour taster session so you can see if it would be helpful for you.

By the end you will feel better than before you picked up the phone and be clear what the next step is to improve your situation.

You can book it here.

‘‘I went into this from a position of scepticism, but for me it’s been life-changing. For the first time in a long time, my default has not been grumpy, it’s been happy.’
 – Peter Green, Bond Originator, Lloyds Bank

‘It’s been absolutely life-changing and I would encourage anyone to jump into it. I sometimes think what would’ve happened if I hadn’t had those sessions with Andy and I’d probably still be just stuck in a rut. In fact, I know I would be.’
– Ros Narden, HR Consultant

‘Thanks to the coaching, I am earning more money while working fewer hours, as I am working more effectively. I have stronger relationships, I feel calmer, more confident and more focused.’
– Manu Choudhary, CEO, Fund Management Company

This is the link to book your free session and see if coaching could help you.

About Andy
Andy Hix is director of Wellbeing Capital Partners, a company that specialises in supporting financial services companies in improving the wellbeing of their staff.


He is a qualified mindfulness trainer who has taught at organisations such as PwC, Credit Suisse, Lloyds Bank and Deloitte.


Andy also teaches in schools, prisons, and offers 1-2-1 coaching, writes a blog and hosts a podcast called The Mindful Banker.


He loves his job because he sees, feels and hears the positive impact it has on people every day.


He is a practising Buddhist and also enjoys improv.