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One-to-one wellbeing and performance coaching

Our one-to-one coaching helps clients make huge improvements in their wellbeing and performance at work.

We have helped people to:


  • Go from unemployed to their dream job
  • Go from feeling stuck in the same unfulfilling job for ten years to getting a secondment agreed the day after the first coaching session
  • Receive the best performance review of their career
  • Earn more money in less time by seeing clearly which clients were profitable and which weren’t
  • Get a promotion to MD and a 10% pay increase by improving their interpersonal skills.


  • Recover from a divorce and feel that whatever else life throws at them in future they’ll not only deal with, but come out stronger
  • Go from stuck in toxic relationships to feeling so much self-confidence that they didn’t need anyone else to be happy.


  • Go from depressed, anxious and stressed to 10/10 happy
  • Go from no exercise in years and chronic fatigue to exercising every day
  • Feel more energised, optimistic and self-confident as a result of improving their sleep

Personal goals 

  • Pass their driving test after putting it off for ten years
  • Start their accountancy training after putting it off for five years


‘Thanks to the coaching I am earning more money while working fewer hours as I am working more effectively. I have stronger relationships, I feel more confident, calmer and more focused.

– Ian Wilson, Forum Wealth

‘Thanks to the coaching, my line manager has seen a dramatic improvement in my performance and I’ve got the best review of my career. I was stuck in a job for over 10 years, thanks to the coaching, I developed the confidence to get a new and more fulfilling job and earning more money.’

– Manu Choudhary, Lloyds Bank

‘Andy’s coaching has helped me feel calmer, more at ease and approachable. This has also helped me at work, both in terms of productivity and interactions with others. It also helped me to get a promotion.’ 

– Heather Day, PGIM Real Estate

‘It’s been absolutely life-changing and I would encourage anyone to jump into it. If I hadn’t had those sessions with you I’d still be stuck in a rut.’

– Ros, HR Consultant and Health Coach

Client case study: From rock bottom to being happy by default

Lloyds trader, David (name changed for privacy).

The challenge I faced

My wife of 15 years had dropped the bombshell that she didn’t think our marriage was working.

It was clear that I wasn’t coping with the stresses and strains of my life and seeking help seemed like the most logical thing to do.

How work stress affected me

There was an inability to switch off and create a dividing line between work and home. It had impacted family holidays. I had not been as ‘in the moment’ as I should have been. 

I’d let work become too all-encompassing and probably slightly forgotten what the important things in life should have been. Living to work, not working to live. 

I felt at rock bottom. I felt the need to seek help. I couldn’t deny that there were issues that needed addressing.

What changed?

My frame of mind became more positive through the meditation and coaching. I don’t feel pressured by time any more.  

I make time each day for me. Whether that is getting out of the office, going for a walk or a run. Giving myself the time to think has been enormously positive and enormously helpful.

Impact on family

After I’d been through the coaching I went to visit my aunt and uncle who, knowing the situation I was going through, probably expected me to be a nervous wreck. Actually, the opposite was the case. They commented that it was the first time they’d seen me, for a good number of years, without the weight of the world on my shoulders. Some of the physical manifestations of how I reacted to stress and pressure were gone. I had an ability to be in the moment with them and was far calmer than I’d been on previous visits.

Impact on colleagues

I think the team would say that there’s a lighter air. There’s less pressure, more happiness. For the first time in a long time, my default has not been grumpy, it’s been happy. 


I think the biggest benefit for me has been being able to take a step back and allow the team to do the job, rather than me feeling that I have to do it or standing over them while they do it. It’s positive for the team and for the wider team that I work in. It helps colleagues develop more than when I was more controlling. 

Recommending coaching

I went into this [coaching] from a position of scepticism, but for me, it’s been life-changing. Just having the ability to talk to someone. To have someone to support and encourage but also to challenge. To ask ‘Why are you doing that?’

I’m a strong advocate of mindfulness and coaching as a support and as a management tool. I think it helps personal life and it helps professional life.


Reduce stress. Feel great. Perform better.

If you are interested in our wellbeing services, get in touch and we will explore how we can help.

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