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Wellbeing services, stress management and resilience training in the City of London.



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High quality wellbeing services for busy professionals in the financial sector.

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The future success of your firm depends on the mental and physical wellbeing of your people. 

A growing body of research links positive organisational cultures with significantly higher levels of effectiveness, including financial performance, productivity, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. A workplace that is good for employee wellbeing is one that’s good for everyone.

Employers are responsible for identifying and addressing sources of workplace stress

We see events at home spilling over into the workplace and work issues being brought into and affecting home life. So it makes sense to view them both as part of a whole, systemically affecting employee wellbeing in both positive and negative ways.

We create bespoke, high-quality wellbeing services for a more vibrant workforce

Mindfulness and stress management

This workshop tackles the causes of stress in yourself, and in workplace relationships, and gives you strategies for reducing it.

Emotional intelligence and resilience training

Emotional intelligence and resilience are essential skills for those working in a challenging and competitive environment. Emotionally intelligent people are able to identify, manage and harness their own emotions and those of other people. Resilient individuals have the capacity to adapt and recover in an ever-changing environment.

Tech-life balance

Technology has changed the workplace and brought its own challenges, such as information overload and digital distractions. This workshop offers strategies for managing your relationship to technology effectively.

Leadership presence

Regardless of your physical stature, you can have presence if you work on your ability to connect with others. Leverage your presence, win over your audience and be the confident manager and speaker you have always wanted to be.

How will your organisation benefit?

Attract talent

Be seen as an innovative forward looking company that supports the health and wellbeing of your employees. Create a more appealing working culture than the competition. The attitudes and expectations of todays workforce demand it. Don’t react. Be ahead of the curve

Productivity and Performance

Employees with high levels of physical and psychological wellbeing have better levels of concentration and performance. Therefore organisation effectiveness.

Loyalty and culture

Your organisation must have a culture anchored into strong values and behaviours that support them. Companies are looking beyond cost-reduction, appreciating the contribution their programmes make to performance, loyalty and culture. It is time to invest in the wellbeing, social and emotional capital of your business.

What do these companies have in common?

Goldman Sachs International
McKinsey & Company

They all provide wellbeing services to their employees.

Don’t get left behind. 

I want wellbeing in my organisation

A meaningful and sustained employee-wellbeing strategy is not an extravagance: it’s a business imperative

Success stories

‘Fantastic! We should do this more often.’


J.P. Morgan

‘Reduced stress, increased happiness, increased focus, increased productivity.’



‘The exercises were remarkably powerful.’


Department of Energy and Climate Change

‘A transformation from beginning to end. It’s difficult to see how much stress you carry when you never stop to unwind. The session was really insightful.’


Manchester City Football Club (London office)

Upskill your employees by investing in their wellbeing.


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